The Smart Trick of Coinbase Identity Verification Reddit That Nobody is Discussing

The Smart Trick of Coinbase Identity Verification Reddit That Nobody is Discussing

So I’ve already spent for my BTC through coin base and now it is requiring I verify my identity with my SSN prior to I can transfer my BTC that I already fucking paid for. Anybody else have this concern or know what to do? This appears extremely deceptive and I will not be offering these questionable people my SSN, and once this is figured out I will never use this exchange once again.

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The other day I developed a coinbase account and was able to validate my ID without any problem. After this, I bought some lite coin and wished to move said lite coin into a wallet. For some reason, I am unable to send out the lite coin due to the fact that it states I need to confirm my ID although I currently did it.

Do I simply require to wait for the confirmation or is this some sort of glitch/error? If I need to wait on verification, about how long does that typically take?.

I have tried to confirm my DL 10 times, all times failed. For shits and laughs I proceeded and picked Photo ID instead of Chauffeurs license and would you understand the very same thing I did 10 other times went through with no issue!!

I had a hell of a time getting my ID confirmed by coinbase. They would decline any of my webcam images by means of several web cams. The mobile app constantly provided an error saying the image file was larger than 5mb and to attempt once again. The issue was I was utilizing gadgets that really had decent video cameras.

Coinbase Identity Verification Reddit Can Be Fun For Anyone

How Coinbase Identity Verification Reddit can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.Little Known Questions About Coinbase Identity Verification Reddit.

The service ended up being rather foolish, and simple. I used my daughters $75 Android phone. Its camera is crap however it was great enough for coinbase and the image was lastly accepted. I invested weeks attempting to get this solved. Coinbase wasn’t much aid. Hopefully this information assists others.

Coinbase Pro is a different service used by Coinbase that needs two types of ID verification. If you’re having problem validating your ID, we recommend utilizing the Coinbase mobile app. Any ID confirmation done on your Coinbase account will use to your Pro account. 90% of clients are able to fix concerns with ID confirmation by utilizing the Coinbase mobile app and the camera on their cellphone.

For US customers: Upload a chauffeur license or state ID here. Complete a set of identity verification questions For EU, Australian, Canadian and Singaporean consumers: Publish two different kinds of supported IDs . We accept chauffeur licenses, passports, and some nationwide ID cards. If you are verifying IDs from two different nations, please contact support so that we can initiate a manual review For UK consumers: Upload a chauffeur license, government-issued ID, or passport here Complete a set of identity confirmation questions ID Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulty successfully publishing a passport, motorist’s license or state ID, please ensure: There is no glare on the file The image is bright and well lit The image is clear and all borders of the file are completely noticeable The ID is completely visible, and is not obstructed, obstructed, or redacted The document is not expired or substantially damaged If the country on your account is incorrect, or does not match the ID you published, please contact support. Please ensure you are publishing a supported ID type.

Sadly, we can’t accept any IDs other than the supported types. If you don’t have a supported document (typically these include documents like a passport, id card, or chauffeur license), or your ID is ended, you’ll need to get, or renew, a legitimate ID prior to completing the upload. Identity Verification and Address Confirmation Troubleshooting: These are the most typical reasons and possible services if you are not able to successfully complete address confirmation: Invalid Address Pointer: Attempt different variations on your address Ex: Consist of the home number on a separate line or the very first line, or just entering the apartment/unit number and not the words “apt” or “system”.

Tip: Make certain you’re using your complete legal name, and not a label, for example. Not Enough Details on Record There might not be enough information on record to sufficiently validate identity if you are 18-19 years old. If you’re still unable to effectively validate your identity after a number of efforts, please contact Coinbase Customer assistance to start a manual evaluation.

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For several days now I’ve been attempting to confirm my identity but it simply will not enable me. My chauffeur’s license was confirmed simply great however I can’t seem to fill the Existing Occupation/Employer field without it failing. I’m a trainee and have no prior work so what should I put down? I read an old post that stated to put Unemployed with “No Prior Work” in company box but they have actually now removed the option to even pick unemployed for present profession so I’m at quite a loss.

I have sent out pictures and been locked out consistently. Used 2 computer webcams and 3 phones to take images of my ID. Absolutely nothing works. Then sent out a support ticket with the response, Sorry however we can’t help just simply send more images. What is this? Exists a contact number.

When I went to set up my ID Confirmation by sending out a pic of my chauffeurs license, Coinbase said it would take 2 – 5 minutes. It has actually been 6 hours and says it is still verifying. I can not purchase anything while the confirming process is occurring … Basically just the title. Just a basic ballpark price quote. And also is there another action after ID verification like evidence of address or something?

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