Coinbase ID Verification Reddit Can Be Fun For Everyone

Coinbase Id Verification Reddit Can Be Fun For Everyone

I had a hell of a time getting my ID confirmed by coinbase. They would decline any of my cam images via numerous cameras. The mobile app constantly provided an error saying the image file was bigger than 5mb and to attempt once again. The problem was I was utilizing gadgets that in fact had good video cameras.

The service ended up being rather dumb, and basic. I used my children $75 Android phone. Its electronic camera is crap but it was great enough for coinbase and the image was finally accepted. I spent weeks attempting to get this dealt with. Coinbase wasn’t much help. Ideally this information assists others.

Yesterday I produced a coinbase account and was able to confirm my ID with no concern. After this, I bought some lite coin and wished to transfer stated lite coin into a wallet. For some reason, I am unable to send out the lite coin since it says I need to confirm my ID despite the fact that I already did it.

Getting The Coinbase Id Verification Reddit To Work

Getting The Coinbase Id Verification Reddit To WorkThe Facts About Coinbase Id Verification Reddit Revealed

Do I simply need to wait on the verification or is this some sort of glitch/error? If I need to wait on confirmation, about for how long does that generally take?.

I have attempted to validate my DL 10 times, perpetuity stopped working. For shits and giggles I went on and chose Image ID instead of Motorists license and would you understand the exact same thing I did 10 other times went through with no problem!!

Verified my ID when I first started my account, and then arbitrarily a couple of weeks later they request for another verfication. I comply, and reupload the ID as requested. Fastforward a number of months (to around the other day early morning), and they ask me yet again for ID verification. I tried to publish a file as requested.

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I get a message stating “Can not Detect Cam”. I believed this was my error, and yet once again, the same message. I attempt submitting from the phone App, still no excellent. Either a message saying “Unable to check out front side of ID” or just “Can not submit file”. Followed troubleshooting, nothing I didn’t already attempt.

I have no idea what else to do. I’ve emailed Coinbase and got no where. My license was validated in about 3 hours however I can not get the personal information made with the SSN. I fill in everything properly and if I’m on my PC it simply informs me wrong and when I utilize their app it just says not discovered.

It does not state my legal first name because the DMV workers are definitely retarded at what they do. I’ve attempted everytime I needed to restore my license to get it effectively repaired however they are as useful as a screen door submarine. Another thing is it requests my occupation and task title which aren’t even listed.

Coinbase Id Verification Reddit Things To Know Before You Get This

Coinbase Id Verification Reddit Can Be Fun For EveryoneRumored Buzz on Coinbase Id Verification Reddit

I opened a Coinbase account a couple of days back and have actually finished the ID confirmation utilizing an Image ID. Now I logged into GDAX with my coinbase username and it asks me to complete an extra confirmation, however the Picture ID alternative is greyed out. The issue is the Picture ID is the only ID I have, I am an expat so I can’t use the passport/driving license issued by my house country.

Why am I delayed 72 hours with complete picture ID verification? Does everybody get delayed 72 hours now? What’s the deal?

I first attempted submitting my Photo ID through Coinbase desktop variation all night last night, failure after failure due to excessive traffic is what the site was stating. So then I attempted GDAX last night, and it tells me “You have actually exceeded your Image ID confirmation attempts. Please try once again in 24 hr”. So then I try GDAX today, and it’s sitting here spinning, and has been well over 3-5 minutes:.

Coinbase Id Verification Reddit for Dummies

For several days now I’ve been attempting to validate my identity but it merely will not permit me. My driver’s license was confirmed simply fine however I can’t seem to fill the Existing Occupation/Employer field without it stopping working. I’m a trainee and have no previous work so what should I put down? I check out an old post that said to put Unemployed with “No Previous Employment” in company box but they’ve now removed the choice to even choose out of work for present occupation so I’m at quite a loss.

The title. Why am I needed to verify my identity with an ID before I can send/receive crypto? I understand for buying/selling, however for sending/receiving? Really? It didn’t used to be in this manner.

I wanted to buy litcoin however had a horrible time with coinbase. I couldn’t confirm my identity for 3 days like many others through the app and site on pc. Just now I tried a different technique and got verified within 1 min. Take an image of your ID (well lit) with least expensive mb on your regular electronic camera app.

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You will receive a SMS with a link to upload your ID. Follow and upload (not sure if they asked for selfie) Within 1 minutes after I published the opened link stated it was effective and the website noted my identity as confirmed. I got an e-mail it was confirmed likewise.

since i cant confirm my ID due to the fact that i sending clear pictures all the time and every time it says “unreadable ID” WTF coinbase??? SO do i have validate with ID if i wan na send bitcoins to another wallet?

I have actually sent images and been locked out consistently. Used 2 computer webcams and 3 phones to take images of my ID. Nothing works. Then sent a support ticket with the response, Sorry but we can’t assist just simply send more pictures. What is this? Is there a contact number.